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Most people around the world who lives in urban environments do not have access to any farming or any land suitable for growing vegetables, like a kitchen garden. So growing vegetables at home is something most people only can dream about. Longing to spending time on the country side in order to wind down, relax and grow your own food is only a dream for most city people.

Gaia Grow System will make it possible to organize an indoor farm, adapted to everyones need, big or small at home in order to to grow greens indoors. Hydroponic growing technology makes it possibly to use an indoor hydroponic growing system for ordinary people all over the world. Home hydroponics is a new and growing trend amongst urban people as it is both fun to watch the lettuce or the tomatoes grow and to teach the kids how a little seed can become a big cucumber.

 Growing hydroponic vegetables is a rather sustainable way to relate to, how we produce our food. We need to use home hydroponics more as it will save fossil fuel transportation of vegetables grown far away and save fresh water because indoor farming at home with hydroponic technology only uses 1/10 of fresh water. Growing vegetables at home means also that you can pick your produce right before your dinner is served and therefore have quality greens on your plate. You will boost your immune system with all the vitamins and become much healthier eating more greens readily available for you. It’s like when the fridge where introduced how to store food at home. An indoor hydroponic system will revolutionize the food production, what we eat and the quality of the greens for every home around the world.

Our friends are already testing the Gaia Grow System™ at home!