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As the transportation of food and vegetables into heavily dense urban population become more and more of a challenge sometimes choking the traffic in inner cities and not to forget creating fossil fuel pollution. New technology to grow vegetables for the urban environment is essential and a must. Like hydroponic vegetable garden. The urban landscape has become the new agricultural frontier for rooftop vegetables garden, restaurants growing their own herbs and spices, and city dwellers forming consortia for the production of all kinds of produce. Both indoor vegetables garden and greenhouse growing systems mostly of hydroponic nature are popping up on a frequent basis. Industrial farming system in urban locations are growing all over the world and the next agricultural revolution might well be an urban based one.

 Industrial vegetable farming could utilize the modularity of Gaia Grow System in many ways. As a greenhouse farming kit, you only have to stack the Gaia grow boxes to a level you find appropriate and practical. So, for example, you may stack grow boxes which can cater for 180-200 low growing plants like lettuce per sqm. For smaller private greenhouse making, Gaia Grow System will support a number of restaurants located in the city neighborhood. Use, what we call a Gaia triplet, a greenhouse farming kit, three floor standing Gaia together, each with 5 grow boxes on top of the nutrient tank and you have 45 plants per square meter.

 Industrial farming systems are normally organized in a horizontal dimension but we offer a vertical alternative with different benefits, like low energy consumption and low water consumption. From an ergonomic and practical point of view our industrial vegetables farming system is different and should be looked upon as perhaps more suitable for private greenhouse and small to middle sized hydroponic gardens.


The Gaia Grow System™ is a modular kit, making it truly versatile for any application.

  1. Private consumer and families without access to cropland

  2. Private greenhouses using a triple Gaia Grow System™ configuration

  3. Company offices seeking to improve air quality for their employees

  4. Industrial farming setups using the Gaia Grow System™ grow boxes with pipeline irrigation