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We have become partners with, a crowd funding and reputable company in London. We aim to start a crowd funding campaign very soon and its now possible to register your interest in order to have exclusive early access to our crowd funding campaign.

World Economic Forum´s report: Shaping the Future of Global food Systems, February 2017 is an intriguing and very enlightening study. The report asks “How will food system nutritiously and sustainably feed 8,5 billion people in 2030?”.

There is an investment opportunity in urban gardening as we are facing a situation which according to United Nations global sustainable goals have to be met. The report says “ There is a window of opportunity for business to drive progress through innovation” “We believe there are, right now an investment opportunity in hydroponics and vertical farming.”

Seize the moment and support vertical garden businesses. As the trade will most likely grow with high figures in the near future and the edge is therefore looking good.


Bringing farming capabilities to city dwellers

We will deliver a unique Scandinavian-designed hydroponics unit to people around the world who want to grow their own vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants at home without using soil. Taking up less than one square meter in space, our product is ideal for urbanites in small city apartments, who would like to have a lush, organic kitchen garden.

Invest in our planet and grow with Gaia.
A Scandinavian design with global importance.

The Gaia Grow System™ is a hydroponic growing unit that allows anyone to easily grow their own vegetables. Gaia has undergone four years of iterative design for both aesthetics and technique, culminating in a product that is the epitome of Scandinavian elegance. Functional and simple yet effective.

Additionally, the system is modular. A single grow box can be used on its own, or several can be stacked together and circled up for greater density. This means the Gaia system is flexible enough to serve both an urbanite in a small apartment and an entrepreneur with a full scale urban hydroponic farm.

People around the world are realising that we have to change our diet and how we produce our food. Gaia enables anyone to take part by growing their own vegetables using one tenth the fresh water of traditional croplands, and no pesticides, plastics or fossil fuel for transport.


We believe that success is inevitable

An increasing number of people around the world want to eat more healthily and live more sustainably, but they don't know where to start. Gaia Grow System™ will help make this possible as we move from the development to commercial phase. You can help by supporting us and pre-registering for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign. There is no commitment at this time. Check out our homepage for more information.