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The hydroponic cultivation technology means you may grow your vegetables, herbs and medical plants in nutrient water instead of soil. The floor standing Gaia Grow system have a 60 liter tank fortified with necessary nutrient for the plants and distributed automatically in a closed loop to every grow box stacked on top. To grow with Gaia is therefore effortless and very simple. You may even go away for a week or two without having to worry about watering the plants. As the plants get everything they need in terms of varies nutrients they grow three time quicker and also contains a high portion of vitamins and nutrients important for everyone’s health. Fresh water is sometimes a limited source in various places on our globe. Our hydroponic technology will use much less fresh water, as a matter of fact only 1/10 compared traditional farming.

To have a Gaia Grow System at home, you will be able to harvest what you intend to eat direct before your meal and therefor don’t need any plastic packaging or transportation from far away. You will also save some time not having to visit the grocery store as often as you use to. When the fridge was introduced it revolutionized how to save and store food at home. We believe growing your own food is going to be a new revolution for every home around the world. More and more people like to live sustainable and contribute in taking care of our planet but don’t always know how to do that. Gaia Grow System offers a way to easily be part of a sustainable development of our big cities and to make an effort and do a fair contribution.

It saves you time.

The Gaia system is almost entirely automated - filtering water and nutrients into the plants. You can just sit back, relax and watch your vegetables grow!

It's convenient.

Welcome to the future, where a walk down to the supermarket has become obsolete! Grow your own food from home using the innovational new Gaia system.

It's Earth-friendly.

Climate change is real, and its scary as hell. Gaia was built on the belief that we can all actively combat climate change from the comfort of our own homes.

The Gaia Grow System™ is clean, green and easy to install in any home.