grow your own vegetables at home

Without the need for soil or the hassle of having to water plants yourself. The Gaia Grow System™ is a self-watering automatic vertical hydroponic kit.


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All the tools you need to become an urban gardener come out-of-the-box. It couldn't be easier to grow your own produce at home.

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It saves you time.

The Gaia system is almost entirely automated - filtering water and nutrients into the plants. You can just sit back, relax and watch your vegetables grow!

It's convenient.

Welcome to the future, where a walk down to the supermarket has become obsolete! Grow your own food from home using the innovational new Gaia system.

It's Earth-friendly.

Climate change is real, and its scary as hell. Gaia was built on the belief that we can all actively combat climate change from the comfort of our own homes.

The Gaia Grow System™ is clean, green and easy to install in any home. 

Our friends are already testing the Gaia Grow System™ at home!


The Gaia Grow System™ is a modular kit, making it truly versatile for any application.

  1. Private consumer and families without access to cropland

  2. Private greenhouses using a triple Gaia Grow System™ configuration

  3. Company offices seeking to improve air quality for their employees

  4. Industrial farming setups using the Gaia Grow System™ grow boxes with pipeline irrigation